About Us

Health. Innovation. Value.

Our Story

iNetworks is a private equity firm leading the way since 1999 in discovering disruptive technologies in the Healthcare, Life Sciences and Information Technology sectors by providing needed capital, experienced management, and applying operational know-how to assist companies and entrepreneurs to accelerate their product or service commercialization. We are focused on creating long term value for investors.  Our management team has been involved in multiple funds, managed accounts, from early stage thru IPO’s and LBO’s and everything in between.  iNetworks generally takes boards seats, works closely with each company on strategic and financial initiative, facilitates value enhancing and exceptional returns for our investors.

Our Approach

Our competitive advantage is our iNetworks’ executive are entrepreneur themselves and have expansive network and deep understanding of the industry.  We believe in being activist manager and responsible investors who work with our portfolio companies to efficiently and effectively bring their technology to market and create value regardless of broader market performance.   

We understand that technology advancement is at the core of everything we do.  Technology innovation is the linchpin in solving many of today’s biggest problems in healthcare and life sciences.  If we can improve, help develop and commercialize these technologies, we can advance everyone’s quality of life.  This is why we appreciate the importance of visionary entrepreneurs; they are the future of healthcare development.

Our Objective

Our objective is to maximize investor returns by identifying unique opportunities where we can generate significant value while efficiently managing the risk.  A balanced approach to invest in early and mid-expansion stage companies who for the Rule of 3rds, development progress fits the “compresses” J-curve and where we can apply our value add management style.  We define value as both lowering costs, improving outcomes and managing risks.

Our Relationships Add to Unique Deal Flow and Robust Pipeline

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