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Our hands-on management style and strict adherence to portfolio companies meeting or exceeding their goals, enables iNetworks to provide superior execution and create value. 

Novian Health

NOVILASE® Breast Therapy, a product of Novian Health, is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses laser ablation to destroy tumors. NOVILASE laser ablation is intended to be an alternative to surgery while preserving options for additional procedures or adjuvant therapies. The outpatient procedure does not require general anesthesia or hospital stay.

Wenzel Spine

Wenzel Spine is a medical technology company which provides minimally invasive solutions for treating spinal disorders. Located in Austin, TX, Wenzel Spine delivers surgical solutions that improve the quality of spine care by simplifying procedures and reducing recovery time. The company improves patient quality of life by designing and producing superior devices to support surgeons in their care and treatment.

One Logos

One Logos Education Solutions is dedicated to increasing college access by matching students and families with responsible sources of financial aid. They assist local high school students with the college enrollment process. Their software platform now supports over half a million students and has assisted in securing more than $100 million in financial aid.

PennAlt Organics, Inc.

PennAlt Organics is a phyto-pharmaceutical company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. PennAlt is one of three companies to be granted a permit to grow and process medical marijuana in Southwestern PA.

Propel IT

Propel IT developes software solutions that address the greatest concerns in the commercial transportation industry. As accident rates, insurance claims, and premiums have risen in frequency and cost, so has the need to track and quantify the true risk level. RouteRisk, Propel IT’s flagship mobile software platform tracks, scores, predicts and reduces commercial vehicle accidents and claims by over 50%.

Unequal Technologies, LLC

Unequal's mission is to protect people to allow them to perform at their peak level in the military, sports, work, and life. The patented fusion of a military-grade composite, made of TriDur, Accelleron, Airilon and optional ImpacShield, is engineered to protect like no other sports gear. Thousands of athletes at all levels wear Unequal protection.

Infrastructure Resources, LLC.

• Current income strategy for LPs
• Stone mining startup with existing currently proven reserves of approximately 15 million tons of Class A, E Skid Resistant (SLR) sandstone and rare/competitive location
• Taking advantage of regulatory changes and preparing the site going into 2020 construction season.
• Currently reviewing buyout bids and exit options


Vizsafe delivers smart incident reporting, mapping and visual communications. Vizsafe’s patented Geoaware® solution has been SAFETY Act Designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland of Security and plays a vital role in the smart safety, operations and management at some of the world’s most valuable facilities.

Cognition Therapeutics, Inc.

Cognition Therapeutics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company focused on the creation and clinical development of a pipeline of disease-modifying small molecule drug candidates that stop neurological disease processes and restore and preserve the building blocks of brain health and function: the synapse.


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