Our Process

We focus on accelerating our portfolio companies’ product/service development through activist management. Our long-term success is attributed to investing in only “what we know,” allowing us to consistently deliver top quartile results.

Investment Philosophy

iNetworks uses a balanced approach when investing in expansion- and late-stage companies, along with potential opportunity allocations. We filter potential portfolio companies using our “Rule of Thirds” screen and once investments are made, we are activists in their management.

Rule of Thirds

Each portfolio company’s product/service is evaluated using the following three criteria:

  • Can it be priced one-third below current competition?
  • Does the product/service improve efficiency by at least one-third?
  • Is the product/service global in scope?

Activist Management

  • Knowledgeable and acquired expertise gained from our two decades of experience.
  • Assembled a proficient and knowledgeable Advisory Board that allows for better valuing of emerging technologies and products.
  • Activist investors with hands-on management style and strict adherence that portfolio companies meet or exceed tracking goals.

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